Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Red-necked Grebes

Weather: Sunny and cloudless day. Temperature up to 55 F here in Palmer, Alaska. We were warm as Seattle today but without the rain.

Red-necked Grebes are aquatic, surface diving birds that feed on fish, insects, mollusks and amphibians. They spend their summers on the lakes here in Alaska, and winter along the coast. Grebes eat a lot of their own feathers, and also feed them to their young. Some think this protects their stomachs from all the fish bones.

Grebes will aggressively defend their territory. Here you see a photo of a Grebe pair, but an interloper come in and displays aggressive behavior. A fight ensues, and the invader is repelled.

Pair of Red-necked Grebes
Aggressive Stance
A fight breaks out.
Bird of the Air China genus. You can track this bird here:

Spotted Sandpiper: It appears they have very flexible necks, and sometimes want to look up toward the sky.

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